Friday, July 22, 2011

Pinning Down the Exact Location of Old Brooklyn Photos

The New York Times Lens blog has a cool post today about a website called Historypin and the Brooklyn Museum's recent embrace of the site as a tool in identifying the location of old photos. The site uses crowd sourcing to help identify the exact location of where a picture was taken. 

The museum is in the process of digitizing its collection of 19th century glass-plate negatives and so is using the site, as are other New York institutions, such as the New York Public Library, to better catalog them. 

It's a fun site to play with. You can type in a place-name on their map and it will show photos that were taken in that location. There's also a timeline, so you can choose which era of photos you want to look at.

The Times has a slideshow of about 20 of the Brooklyn photos that have been added. Many of them, you will notice, were taken by my favorite Brooklyn photographer, George Bradford Brainerd.

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