Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beloved Winston and His Brooklyn Breeding

Winston Churchill was awesome for the following reasons:

1. He was full of curmudgeonly quips (i.e. "Winston, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea." "Lady Astor, If you were my wife, I'd drink it.")

2. He knew that Hitler guy was gonna be a big problem before anyone else did, at least according to his own history on the war.

2a. Once it became apparent he was right, he became Prime Minister and held down the fort until the U.S. got in on the action in 1941, all the while delivering inspiring speeches ("We shall never surrender!"), and always making time for a nap.

3. His mom was from Brooklyn!

That's right, Winston's mum, Jenny Jerome, was an American, born and bred in Brooklyn. Cobble Hill to be precise.

In 1953, it made front page news in the Eagle when Winston came to Brooklyn to visit the house at 426 Henry St. where she was born. He reportedly called it "a very moving occasion," and the then-owners of the house presented him with a foot-long cigar.

There is some debate as to whether or not 426 Henry is the correct house, though. You can read all about that in my other post: Winston Churchill's Mother Jennie Jerome Was Born in Cobble Hill, But in Which House?

Jenny Jerome was the daughter of millionaire Leonard Jerome and met Lord Randolph Churchill when she moved to Europe with her mother and sisters. Randolph died in 1895, and Jenny remarried twice, but not before she gave birth to little Winston on Nov. 30, 1874, thus changing the world forever!! And it all started in Brooklyn, well, at least some of it did.

More here: Winnie's Day in Brooklyn [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]



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